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Status Future consideration
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Created by Claire A
Created on Aug 9, 2021

Ability to easily search for an Aha User & Contact (Portal user) when they're the same person.

We have some internal users who previously used the portal but then moved to submitting ideas from their Aha Account.

When anyone wants to see the full list of ideas submitted by these users they need to apply both the "Created by Aha! user" and "Created by contact" filters to see the full list. This has led to some internal confusion and is also cumbersome. I had to reach out to Aha! Support to figure out what was going on which cost both our company and Aha! support about an hour. I could see this happening more times within my organization and with others which is a significant burden to Aha! support.

The first part of the confusion stems from the notion of "If I'm using the same email for both my aha account and in the portal, why do I have to search under both filters to see all my ideas when I'm clearly the same user?"

The second and less important part of this confusion is from the naming conventions for these user types. I'm sure within the Aha! organization, Aha! User and Contact are clearly different but from an external perspective these labels don't make a ton of sense. i.e. at first, I wasn't sure whether Aha! User meant an aha account user or portal user.

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  • Aaron Weinberg
    Aug 12, 2022

    We have this same exact issue. Yes there is a workaround but the user experience is not good...