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Status Future consideration
Created by Shawn Zenz
Created on Aug 14, 2020

Idea portal vs. Salesforce idea search results

Within an ideas portal, using the search ability will return ideas that match on all of the words. When searching from the Salesforce integration, the results are different since they are matched on any of the words. Utilizing the same search methodology for both the portal and SFDC would help our users find the same idea and avoid unnecessary duplicates.

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  • Karly S
    Aug 14, 2020

    This would be extremely valuable to us as our customer facing teams use the Salesforce plugin to submit ideas on behalf of customers. In an effort to try and reduce duplicate requests that are submitted, they often search via the Salesforce first to locate an idea already submitted. When they are unable to locate an idea based on their search terms, they submit a new one and this causes a lot of work to merge these duplicates for our Product Managers. We do not have our portal enabled as a way to submit features, so while the portal could be leveraged to search, it would create additional work outside of our teams normal workflow. Thanks!