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Status Future consideration
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Created by Jyothirmayi Talaparthy
Created on Sep 14, 2020

Automation actions to have 'same as' to copy field values

Currently if I need pass on a field value from one field to another, there is no easy way, but to create separate automation rule for each value. Which is not optimal and will have to create 10 rules for 10 values and if a new value is entered need to remember to add another rule.

Instead there should be a provision to use 'Same as' to pass values from one field to another.

    May 10, 2023

    We have recently added improvements to automation rules.

    You can now create an automation rule that will:

    • Update a date field to be based on a different date field.

    • Update a feature's initiative to be the same as its epic's initiative.

    We will keep this idea open to monitor feedback on other fields you would like to reference. Please add a comment with your use case.

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  • Nate Hicks
    Aug 11, 2023

    Similar to Deirdre's comment, I would like to automatically copy a feature's custom field to a child requirement.

    Use Case explanation:

    • We have created a custom field in the feature layout that defines the project charge code... this gets synched with Azure DevOps and this enables the engineers to voucher against the correct project charge code.

    • What I recently realized is that most of the time the engineers are working off the requirements/user stories and therefore they are not seeing the charge code automatically in their DevOps environment.

    • I want to have a charge code custom field in the requirements layout, but I want it to automatically inherit the parent feature charge code so that the Product Managers don't have to manually add charge codes to every single requirement/user story.

  • Deirdre Clarke
    Jul 27, 2023

    We really need the ability to copy a value from one field to another. 2 use cases.

    • If a field on a parent record changes, we would like that to be copied to it's existing child records. That, or if a new record is created, pre-populate a couple of the parent's field values.

    • We have a really big client list - and need to update another field based on the value chosen (basically, we need to parse it). But there is no way to do that today unless we create separate automation rules for each of the clients. :(

  • Raghu Venkatapathy
    Jul 10, 2023

    This is a good idea. If we can encourage including worksheets and custom tables in the scope it would help bring automation rules to(potentially simplify) complex structures.

  • Blake Falanga
    Jun 30, 2023

    We have fields on goals that we would like to cascade to all related initiatives. As the fields change on the goal, they would also change on the initiative.

  • Edgar Holguin
    Aug 2, 2022

    It would be great to have this feature, for us we could copy the field value to another one for baselining within a certain criteria and eventually compare for performance purposes after a period of time.

  • Jerimiah Rudden
    Feb 19, 2022

    Additionally we have comments we would like to carry over from features to ideas and that is not possible as we cannot copy text from one to the other. We would like to enter customer facing updates in the features and then post that exact same content on the associated idea but the automation rules do not allow for copying the text into a custom field on the ideas.

  • Jerimiah Rudden
    Sep 27, 2021

    Our use case for this idea is that we are migrating to a new instance of Aha! and we want to be able to display the actual create date based on the system date of an idea or feature. When migrating that data is lost as the import will use the date of the import for the system date. As an example if we imported everything on Sept 27, then the create date will be Sept 27 even though its 3 years of data.

    As a workaround we will create a custom field for create data and use the API to update that each night. It would be much better if we could set up an automation rule to populate the custom field with the date to be the same as the create date when the field is blank..

  • Raja Shekher Kammara
    May 10, 2021

    Dear Team,

    This is a very simple yet powerful feature. Could you please add this to your roadmap. We cannot integrate Goal Record with JIRA Field and with the help of this idea we can atleast 'Copy' the value of Goal field value to a text and then integrate with a JIRA Custom field. This is a blocker for us. Appreciate if you could implement this asap.


    Raja Shekher Kammara

  • Ryan Johnson
    Oct 28, 2020

    Don't understand why this wasn't part of original use-case for the automation functionality. Its simply referencing the new value in the field that kicked off the automation. You can accomplish via webhooks or API calls in other systems, would be nice to not have to do that outside setup from the tool.

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