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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Madeleine Black
Created on May 7, 2020

Ability to set one field to another field's value in automations

It would be helpful in automations to support the ability to set the value of one field be equal to the value of another field.

For example:

On an idea, I have a custom "Goals" field. My product managers set this field when an idea is raised to align the idea to the strategic goal or goals that it is associated with.

When I promote the idea into an initiative, I want those goals in the custom field on the idea to automatically populate the goals on the initiative (standard field).

With automations I can get partially there, by creating a goals custom field on the initiative so that when I promote the idea the goals automatically populate the similar field on the initiative. Using automations on initaitives, I can then set the standard goal field - but this has to be set up for every single goal.

Rather, allow the rule to be:

When an initaitive is updated and its 'idea goals' are changed to anything
Set the field 'goals' to 'equal' 'idea goals'
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