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Status Future consideration
Categories Epic
Created by Conner Helton
Created on Aug 7, 2023

Make all standard fields available for automation

Automation Rules are incredibly powerful but are limited to a very small subset of standard fields per item (ideas, epics, features, initiatives, etc.).

We're constantly finding ourselves wish that a standard field would exist so that we can create some amazing automations... below are a couple of use case examples.

  • Create an automation that assigns a 'to-do' if an epic has not been updated or commented on in the last two weeks

  • Create an automation that looks at a custom field for "T-shirt" and assigns a numerical value to the item scorecard for that item

Looking at several 'automation' ideas, most tend to boil down to enabling automation to have access to all standard fields for items.

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  • David Willequer
    Oct 27, 2023

    We would like to see all standard fields added as well for support with automations - currently we are unable to create many desired automations because we cannot look at fields such as the last datetime the record was modified, who modified it, the name or description of the record, etc. ALL standard fields should be accessible for automations.

    For example - We'd like to be able to create automations based on not only standard fields like Activity Name or Description, but we'd like functionality to support advanced operands.

    Currently we have the following options for some field types: When RecordType MonitorType and its FIELD changes to OPERAND of VALUE

    We'd like to see some advanced options here such as for text or note fields:

    Starts With Text

    Ends with Text

    Contains Text

    Does Not Contain Text

    Is Empty

    Is Not Empty

    Equal to Another Field

    Not Equal to Another Field

    Changes to a specific value

    Changes to anything

    The trigger in the operands listed in green text in this case would be based on the record itself being created or updated rather than a change to the field itself. Example: If ANY value is changed on Record A and it's Status field has a value that meets the condition set then perform these actions. Currently, conditioning a change to a specific field is forced and I'd like the ability to essentially retrieve the condition of a field at the time the record was last modified.

    For Number fields we'd also like to see the following operands added:

    Greater than or equal to

    Less than or equal to

    Equal to (Currently named "Exactly")

    Not equal to

    Math is universal - please try not to stray from standard comparison operators.

    And also please add AND/OR options to conditions and provide the same exact operands at the condition level.