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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Christina D
Created on Nov 15, 2023

Add more specificity/granularity around automation logic.

Who would benefit?

Both Aha! administrators and the product team members they support through administration of the tool.

What impact would it make?

It would allow Aha! administrators to automate actions and notifications that advancement can be made within the product development lifecycle which rely on specific criteria to trigger.

How should it work?

Administrators should be able to create automation rules regarding the following:

-When the date entered into a certain field has passed and the status of the record has not changed during that lapse, a notification is triggered to alert a manager. (Managers shouldn't have to spend time looking for where their teams have falen behind. They should be notified automatically.

-When a specific field is changed, another field is updated to match it. We can currently do this with dates. However, we cannot do it when a custom field changes. For example, we use a custom field to show which quarter a feature is planned to be delivered in. Sometimes, that changes. PMs often forget to change the start and end date of the feature when they change the custom Quater field. This makes reporting a headache to manage. We need to be able to create logic that updates start and due dates to specific dates when the Quarter changes.

-We need to be able to have record templates and have automation set up to create new records using those templates when certain criteria is met.

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