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Gmail Sidebar Add-on for Tasks OR bi-directional task integration

Create add-on for new Gmail interface to view and minimally manage to-dos/tasks and features. I've been increasingly using google tasks as a result of it being integrated into sidebar. Or bi-directional integration to sync google tasks.
Kyle Carpenter almost 6 years ago in Product 2 Future consideration

Color Formatting & Macros in Notes

In other Wiki's, the have macros we are able to leverage that are extremely useful for formatting. I'd love to migrate all of our content into the Notes section of Aha! but without some additional color formatting or these macros, it's impossible....
Guest almost 6 years ago in Notes / Product 0 Future consideration

Collapse/Expand all sections in Product Notes

I have lots of items, grouped in the Product Notes area and would like to be able to bulk expand/collapse these pages/
Julie Edwards about 6 years ago in Notes / Product 0 Future consideration

Improvements to Master-detail relationship custom field

Custom tables have provided us great benefits. However, entering and editing data in these tables can be painful. Updates to the master-detail relationship field can make this better. 1: Allow the user to collapse the field and hide the records, ...
Ken Hinton over 6 years ago in Product 0 Future consideration

Please add To-do & comment fields to Product Overview screen

This is one of the very few screens/areas of Aha that doesn't have the To-Do & Comment functionality associated with it. Can we get it added, please?
Joe Carpenter over 6 years ago in Product 1 Future consideration

Show child Products on Product Line Overview page

On a Product Line's overview page, display a list of its children Products.
Max Cascone about 7 years ago in Product 0 Future consideration

Ability to suppress Product Line level custom fields from products

We have some custom fields that we want only to appear at the Product Line level, specifically for Master Releases and PL Initiatives. We'd like a way for them not to appear in Product Initiatives or Releases. As it stands now we just need to inst...
Guest about 8 years ago in Product 0 Already exists

Extend product tree to support different configurations of a product line

I manage a product line where each product has different configurations. Currently I get around it by making different releases, but it really doesn't solve the problem because the different configurations have different requirements. So, being ab...
David Spada almost 9 years ago in Product 1 Unlikely to implement

Prefix look-up

What is the challenge? People often have an Epic or initiative reference number, but don't know the workspace name to request access. It would be helpful to have a prefix look-up tool with the Product look-up tool What is the impact? Users need th...
Mike Jacobson 24 days ago in Account settings / Product 0 Future consideration

Allow Owners to configure workspace-specific broadcasts

Who would benefit? Workspace owners & new/existing users accessing a specific workspace What impact would it make? It would allow workspace owners to put important messages/context they want other users to see front-and-center without having t...
David I. 7 months ago in Product 0 Future consideration