Aha user management (groups, "mail to" communications, etc)

I would like to manage a large group of users (mostly commenters and reviewers) with some additional user management tools including:

1 - user groups - the ability to create groups of users and then assign product permission, workflow board visibility, etc., at the group level instead of over and over for every user


2 - ability to "mail to" any user or user group to initiate a tracked conversation (like a comment thread) so I can tell groups of users about new or changed content in Aha, or with announcement-type information

  • Derek Bambach
  • Jul 10 2015
  • Future consideration
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  • Alejandro Blaas commented
    February 03, 2016 15:32

    This would also be very useful in Kanban board > we assign features to group of developers

  • Derek Bambach commented
    June 06, 2017 14:37

    two years and counting..... If you want Aha accounts to be used by dozens or even hundreds of users, please provide better user management tools than just an alphabetical list. As a tool admin, it's frustrating.

  • Robyn Diamond commented
    July 30, 2018 15:05

    Current capability in JIRA: Ability to have user groups & assign groups as watchers | Very important functionality for our team | Is there an ETA since the last update was in 2015?

  • Guest commented
    October 18, 2018 13:54

    Would love to have the group/role management capability- especially as development teams come & go for different projects. 

  • John Seifert commented
    February 08, 2019 20:12

    This would be very useful for the "Manage Collaborators" function in Notebooks

  • Laura Giles commented
    April 30, 2019 22:37

    this is huge for EFTs

  • Aleksander Siwek commented
    September 06, 2019 05:52

    As an admin of more that 650 users in Aha, this feature - to be able to group users and manage them via groups is mandatory to improve our work. Is there any plan for implementation the groups management?