Create a Product Focus Group Feature in Aha

I was curious if you had any feature of suggestion on how to handle a Product Focus Group via Aha. For example I would like to have a place where i could post a question to 10 - 20 of our end users to get feedback. It would likely be questions about existing ideas but they may or may not have voted for it yet as we have a large backlog of ideas. It could be about ideas we are considering as well that maybe were just added out there and i want to notify users of that idea to gauge their interest. We would generally create groups like for our end users for major modules our software is written for so we could have upwards of 6 - 7 different focus groups where some users may overlap groups.

This would be beneficial in order to facilitate communication with focus groups of our end users in a quick and efficient manner for upcoming releases that may or may not include ideas they had voted on.  Another use of this would be to ask questions about bugs that get reported through our Salesforce integration that may require design decisions that we would like to ask to a larger group in a quick post.  

  • Greg Gardner
  • Sep 17 2019
  • Future consideration
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