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Status Future consideration
Categories Features
Created by Christian Hartmann
Created on Aug 11, 2022

Ability to groups Features into buckets without Release reference

It would be useful if Aha would add a "grouping" capability for Features, while that grouping must not be related to any particular Release.

Eg. for one product I do have today ~400 features in planning and backlog. They are spread out across 3 different planned (roadmap) releases and different backlog (parking lot) releases. Multiple different Features, from all different Release might belong together, but there seems to be no good option today OOTB in Aha, to group those different Features together into a single Feature Group.

With having such Release independent Feature Groups, it would be possible to manage the superset of all Features with a much easier overview, in maybe ~20 Feature Groups, rather than ~400 single Feature entries.

Those Feature Groups could be presented as tiles (with configurable details and size) on one screen. Each Feature Group could present it's completion status in % or number of Features delivered vs total, and an ETA for Feature Group completion in case each Feature has a Release and thus target date assigned.

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  • Admin
    Chrissi Bernardo
    Aug 12, 2022

    Thanks for the additional context. We'll keep the idea open to continue to monitor feedback on this topic.

  • Christian Hartmann
    Aug 11, 2022

    Hi @Chrissi Bernardo,

    sorry, nope. Because of the major drawback of "Aha Epics" I tried to emphasize in the idea above to have a grouping capability that is NOT bound to a specific "Release".

    We do our actual development planning per software release as Epics in Jira, and sync those to Features in Aha, which are then presented as Features per Release on a Roadmap.

    But from a more global perspective there are functional groups with many Features, that do span multiple releases and might even have some Features not yet scheduled for any Release.

    Today I have to manage that for myself with custom fields, tags, and monitoring/managing/ensuring the consistency of tags across the superset of Features. That's a major hassle that could be so much simplified, if Aha would directly provide a "Release-independent grouping for Features".

    Thanks for considering.

  • Admin
    Chrissi Bernardo
    Aug 11, 2022

    Hi, thanks for your idea. Teams looking to group features together will typically use epics. You can then track the progress of your epic based on features completed. Please see this article for more information. Would this work for your use case?