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Status Unlikely to implement
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Created by Guest
Created on May 23, 2015

Feature board containing different filter-based lists for backlog management

Combine the List filtering capabilities with the feature board's management capabilities:  so I have a board, but instead of moving around in explicit releases for a single product, I can define "feature groups" based on filters (like the List fitlers).  I can then move features up and down within a group to re-rank them, or between groups to *apply* the filters.

So whereas today we sort backlogs by defining multiple parking lots, then doing bulk edit to move things to parking lots based on initiatives (and I battle against features only being allowed to be in one release), then rearranging in parking lots, and being left with all these "releases" called parking lots ... with this I could define different groups dynamically, say based on Initiatives, and move them up and down to rank within an initiative, and lo-and-behold, my original single Parking Lot is ranked as a result. Or move to a different group to easily apply a new initiative. (Whatever filter rules were in effect would be applied, so I wouldn't lose the original initiatives unless the filter said something like "(NOT initiative_1) AND (initiative_2)" -- though we need NOT support for this.)

Or I could set up different groups for different products, look at them in this view, and use that when I need to move features between products (say from Simple Edition to Power User Edition).

Or search for everything about some urgent topic, say "moustache", in one group, have another group for my imminent release, and then easily drag all/selected features about moustaches into my imminent release.

    Jan 21, 2016

    As noted, much of the functionality described is available through the Features List page through the Bulk edit action. You may also know that its possible to filter the Feature board on a key criteria (including Initiatives) and multi-select features, which might allow you to easily move features around which are linked to specific initiatives.

    While we can understand some of the benefits of potentially bringing together functionality across the two pages, because of the existing workarounds and current strategic initiatives, we are unlikely to make updates in this specific area. We hope you can understand.

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