Release-less Features

As we evolve towards a continuous workflow, the concept of the Release becomes redundant. Yes, there should be a difference between Deployment and Release, but we still want to Release at the Feature level, if possible. So requiring Features to be attached to Releases adds an unnecessary layer, if we are talking about single Features per Release.

Ideally i'd like to see a Feature roadmap untethered to Releases. Just Features as the reported entity. I'm not sure how this would work within the Aha data model, if we just removed Release objects altogether. 

  • Max Cascone
  • Apr 18 2017
  • Unlikely to implement
Release time frame
  • Apr 24, 2017

    Admin Response

    Thank you for the idea. We have customers who deploy updates continually, in fact we do this ourselves. In these cases, customers still find releases a valuable way to plan go to market efforts on a set cadence. For example, at Aha! we go to market weekly. This means we promote a notable new feature and publish release notes each week. Weekly releases serve as a container to keep track of everything shipped during the previous week.

    Regarding roadmaps, you could create a custom roadmap or pivot report that shows features delivered by month or quarter to keep the focus on features rather than their release containers. 

    Given the use case outlined above and the ability to generate the month or quarter-based custom roadmap we are unlikely to implement this idea at this time. We hope you can understand.

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