Estimates without release capacity

As a Product Manager, I would like be able to capture feature estimates without having the release capacity feature.  I don't track capacity at the release level -- at least not in the way Aha! seems to work today.  Just as ideas can be curated within single product, I curate my all-up product backlog from a single product -- the same product, actually, where I start my ideas.   I manage my release capacity (Agile Scrum Sprints) within the same product, setting a certain number of points that my team is willing to commit to developing.  When we are ready to start a sprint, I then transfer the features to the specific products and corresponding releases.  At that point, it doesn't make sense to have release capacity.  The work around is to either be under- or over-capacity by assigning an arbitrary capacity to the corresponding releases.  Not a show-stopper, but it would be nice to suppress the release capacity while keeping my feature estimates, but it appears they only travel together.

  • Gravatar Tom Beck
  • Mar 20 2017
  • Likely to implement
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