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Status Future consideration
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Created on Sep 20, 2019

When moving a feature from one release to another, the progress should not count against the capacity of the new release.

Often times a feature is not completed within a given release, and it must be moved to the next release. Currently, if a feature has an estimate of 100p and 50p are completed in one release, then that feature is moved to a new release, all 100p are counted against the capacity of the new release. 

We would like the new release to only have the remaining 50p be counted against its capacity because that is all the work remaining on that feature to be completed in the new release.

As it is today, it gives an incorrect representation of the capacity impact in the new release because it represents all 100p from the original estimate, instead of accounting for the 50p that were already completed in a separate release.

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Gary Cohen over 1 year ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration