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Created on Jan 10, 2023

New Product Idea for Aha!

''A Product Owner has a primary responsibility to maximise the value delivered by an Agile Team to customers.'' A big part of this job is soliciting feedback from Customers & Stakeholders throughout the product delivery lifecycle.

We use Aha! Ideas to solicit customer feedback and this informs us of the value of the feature delivered. However, stakeholder feedback also informs the value delivered. Stakeholder feedback includes revenue, cost savings, decreased risk stemming from customers use of delivered solutions.

What is the idea: We need a product/tool/feature that allows POs to gather all this customer & stakeholder feedback in one place, analyse it and keep track of the application of this feedback. Also just visibility on 1 place of the value that the product/feature being delievered to customers.

Why: I see an opportunity here to assist Product Owners/Product Managers in putting all this information in one platform and keep track of stakeholder feedback throughout the product delivery cycle. The PO gathers this feedback directly via empathy interviews, gemba walks, iteration reviews, and system demos, and indirectly via application telemetry, usage analytics, financial reporting, and secondary market data.

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Am currently using a combination of Aha! Ideas and Excel to analyse this data to keep track of value being delivered to customers and adjust in each cycle of feature delivery.

''Aha! Product Value Analysis''- maybe.

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