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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Account settings
Created by Tom Beck
Created on May 24, 2017

Email to Users

As an Aha! administrator I would like to be able to select all or some of my account users and send them an email message so that I don't have to export their information to a file first. 

I'd like to be able to select one, all, or various users with an option to send email them.  Banners are great but it requires users to go to Aha! in order to see it.  Sometimes I need communicate with everyone.

    Oct 10, 2017

    Thank you for the idea. Notifications in Aha! are record-related and controlled by each user's notification preferences. If new users need to be included in a conversation they can be mentioned and a notification will be sent, again based on their preferences. There are a couple options to streamline other types of communication with your users, such as exporting as you noted. 

    Given the availability of the export and other priorities we are unlikely to implement this idea at this time. We hope you understand.

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  • Cindy Datlof
    Sep 17, 2020

    I am requesting the same. We have 3300+ users that we occasionally email updates to. GMail crashes at around 1000 users, so need a reliable way to reach our users rather than a broadcast.

  • Tom Beck
    Jun 2, 2017

    I appreciate that you say no sometimes. It makes yes more meaningful.