Self Registration Capability for User Acess

We are a large organization with many users.  We would like to share Aha! with interested individuals and that number could be hundreds or thousands.  In order to alleviate that, the recommendation is to allow a self registration process that would allow uses to enter their name, email and select the products to which they need access.  This would then trigger an email to the administrator of that product to review the access request and grant or deny as appropriate.  It should also allow the administrator to grant higher access to that individual as needed.  Once the user is granted access, they will receive login instructions via email.

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  • Apr 21 2016
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  • Paul Myhre commented
    April 21, 2016 17:39

    That would be helpful, Cheryl.

  • Guest commented
    April 22, 2016 20:33


  • Caal, Guillermo (GE Digital) commented
    April 13, 2017 17:25

    This would be very helpful for our large organization too.

  • Leanne Dunn commented
    August 23, 2017 18:16

    We need this as well, right now we are adding all of our customer's email domains into the configuration so that they can self-register as employee/partners. It's not ideal.

  • Troy Beyer commented
    September 22, 2017 19:34

    Agree with this.  Right now we have to have another process that relies on word of mouth and emails.  Many users today are able to self register to Aha domain...but they aren't able to request access to the products.  So close!

  • Guest commented
    December 21, 2017 21:21

    This would be helpful - we'd like to be able to direct our customers to the portal to self-register, but we'd like that registration to go through an approval internally before they're given access.  So they'd sign up, the system would trigger some notification to our internal Aha management team, and they'd approve the user.  Somewhat a hybrid between the Public and Private configuration.