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Ability to link records for external links

Who would benefit? All users looking to tie records together What impact would it make? It would help with finding related documents, even if externally linked How should it work? Clicking on an externally linked site would not open in a new tab r...
Guest 3 months ago in Notes 0 Future consideration

Bulk copy and move notes while maintaining hierarchy

As a manager I would like to be able to create a notes hierarchy of project documentation, so that my team can copy the hierarchy and move it to their workspace. The business value is that we have standardized our project artifact structure, and s...
Greg Wissler over 2 years ago in Notes 1 Future consideration

ability to schedule notes

Who would benefit? internal and external stakeholders What impact would it make? Efficient and reliable communication How should it work? This should work like the scheduled saved views. I would like to be able to send a weekly update to my client...
Jennifer Lange 6 months ago in Notes 0 Future consideration

Add section numbers to requirements documents Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, etc. Which automatically populates/updates in the Table of Contents as well.

Who would benefit? Product Managment & Engineering. To be able uniquely reference a Heading section number > Step number. What impact would it make? Clarity, efficiency when referencing/discussing/adding/editing/deleting requirements. How s...
Al David 3 months ago in Notes 0 Already exists

Search Note record type edit history

Who would benefit? All teams that use notes What impact would it make? Easily find correct past versions in edit history How should it work? Search bar within edit history in Note record types to pinpoint where in the history something changed (ba...
Emily Millman 7 months ago in Notes 0 Future consideration

Have a report view be dynamic in notes/documents

When adding a report into a document/note via "aha view", the view of that report does not update after you edit the report. One of the great things about Aha is how data driven the tool is. Unfortunately the way views show reports in documents/no...
Matt Toburen 10 months ago in Notes 0 Future consideration

Allow drag & drop to reorder list items

Many times I find myself wishing I could drag/drop list items in a bulleted/numbered/checkbox list. I've seen some apps that support this, it'd be really slick if we could do it too.
Todd Meyer 3 months ago in Notes 0 Future consideration

Export an Aha! note to Word

We like to maintain our playbook information or various templates as notes in Aha!, but need the ability to export a note to Word so that it can be utilizes for a specific need that requires collaboration internal and external to our organization ...
Karie Kelly about 2 years ago in Notes 0 Future consideration

Bring back common text editor buttons

Why were common editor buttons hidden under drop-downs ??? This is an unnecessary change and it's very inconvenient when working on features and requirements.
Guest 10 months ago in Features / Notes 1 Future consideration

Separate document access settings for notes and whiteboards

Who would benefit? Aha! admins and PMs What impact would it make? This would help to ensure the relevant types of documents can be open for collaboration How should it work? Currently, document access settings for the workspace allow for edit/view...
Jeanette Resnikoff 7 months ago in Notes / Whiteboards 0 Future consideration