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Status Future consideration
Categories Ideas portal Notes
Created by Justin Waldorf
Created on Feb 12, 2024

Link across notes in custom portal pages

Who would benefit?

Aha! Ideas Advanced customers utilizing custom ideas portal pages

What impact would it make?

Allow users engaging with an ideas portal to quickly link from one note to another

How should it work?

I would like to be able to add links within a note shared in my portal that navigate the portal user to another note that is also shared in the portal.

For example, I may share a hierarchy of notes to a custom portal page. On the first note I have some instructions or guidelines that explain how users can utilize my portal and interact with it's content. Within that note I may want to link to sub-notes that have more specific content like release notes.

Currently there is no way to have cross-note hyperlinking within a custom portal page.

On a side note, having the Table of Contents from a note transfer over to the portal would be valuable as well.

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