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Contrast issue: Adapt primary and secondary brand light colors on the ideas portal

Who would benefit? Brands wanting to use a lighter color for branding their ideas portal What impact would it make? Allowing brands to select a lighter color and be able to read the text. Current contrast is not a high enough ratio in order to mak...
Jesse Dorian 7 months ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Add unique identifier to organization drop-downs

We have duplicate org names, that are only unique thru their client id. We need the ability to be able to determine the correct org (e.g. for adding an idea), by adding the client id to the organization dropdowns (e.g. Boeing 12345)
Sara Olson about 2 years ago in Voting 0 Future consideration

Limit the number of proxy votes a single organization can add

Right now we're using proxy vote by organization to understand the number of client organizations that will benefit from an idea. However, because there is not a permission structure per organization sometimes multiple team members of the organiza...
Melissa Crawford over 1 year ago in Voting 0 Future consideration

Add a Check box type custom field

I want the user to be able to check a box to an Idea form to indicate if the idea they're submitting meets a certain criteria. Unless they check the box I assume it does not. A check box will allow every idea to be categorized without "requiring" ...
Guest over 7 years ago in Ideas portal 7 Future consideration

Switch off idea submission within a portal

We'd like to be able to switch off idea submission within an ideas portal on a per product workspace basis.This would be used when a workspace wants to stop accepting new ideas for reasons, such as: The product has reached the end of marketing/sup...
Nigel Lawrence over 1 year ago in Ideas portal 3 Future consideration

Idea Portal: add multiple tags and/or categories when submitting an idea

Currently, users can only select one tag and one category. It would be very helpful for users to be able to add multiple tags and categories.
Guest over 8 years ago in Ideas portal 11 Future consideration

On a public ideas portal: require a user account before posting, voting and commenting.

Our public ideas portal is today open for all people to post. I’ve been recommended by our internal security expert to require people to create an account before allowing them to post, vote and comment. When I set the ideas portal to be privat...
Guest about 6 years ago in User management 2 Unlikely to implement

Show shipped ideas in ideas portal category metrics as they are currently excluded

It seems odd to me that the ideas portal category filter metrics exclude the number of shipped ideas. In effect, if you had shipped 100 ideas for a particular category and had no ideas in other statuses, the category filter metric would show no id...
Dave Tucker about 3 years ago in Ideas portal 9 Future consideration

Allow Portal Users to switch already posted comments to private

Who would benefit? Aha customers with strict governance What impact would it make? Allows employees to correct their mistake if they posted a public comment that should be private How should it work? When viewing comments in the portal, allow port...
Angela Frey 5 months ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Ability for portal users to flag a comment as inappropriate

Who would benefit? Aha Customers with strict governance What impact would it make? Crowd-source moderation How should it work? When viewing comments in the portal, a portal user should be able to flag a comment as inappropriate. This would then tr...
Angela Frey 5 months ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration