Add a Check box type custom field

I want the user to be able to check a box to an Idea form to indicate if the idea they're submitting meets a certain criteria. Unless they check the box I assume it does not. A check box will allow every idea to be categorized without "requiring" the field to be filled out. A check box means every idea is either TRUE or FALSE for that criteria and this will allow for easier sorting that by using any of the existing custom fields (eg. Tags, predefined list)

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  • Mar 24 2017
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  • Paul Dickie commented
    May 30, 2019 08:31

    I'm voting on this one but would generally just like to have a check box available as a custom field

  • aamli agarwal commented
    September 20, 2019 05:34

    I wound want a checkbox available on the field so that an event can be created as below

    1. If the check box is the ticket, Submit button unfreeze and the user is able to submit the idea

    2. If the checkBox is not a ticket, Submit button is freezed and the customers are not able to submit an idea