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Dashboard Filters allowing for Date Range Definition across all panels

Looking for functionality which would allow us to place date filters at the top of a dashboard that’ll allow us to quickly toggle dates. Today filters are supported for some minor capabilities but was hoping enabling similar capabilities around su...
Kenichi K over 2 years ago in Ideas / Reports 0 Future consideration

Add ability to reference 'Created by email domain' in worksheet fields for ideas

It would be helpful to include the 'Created by email domain' in worksheet equations so that we could evaluate if an idea was created by an internal or external domain.
Kristina Gass over 1 year ago in Ideas 0 Unlikely to implement

Customize Promote To options

Ability to turn on/off certain promotion types from an idea - i.e. we don't want users to be able to promote to a story
Guest about 2 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Thumbnail Preview for Aha! links in Slack

It would be great if we could see the description of the idea when posting it through slack (or Workplace). Additionally, if we could vote through the thumbnail/preview, that would be awesome (not sure if this is possible though). Thanks!
Guillem Bergada almost 7 years ago in Ideas / Slack 3 Future consideration

Automation rules for status changes in Ideas Portal

I'm sure it never happens on your Ideas Portal, but often the Ideas that get submitted by our customers lack some key information that we need in order to make prioritization decisions. In those instances we put them in an "on hold or needs more i...
Derek Boriack about 7 years ago in Ideas 1 Future consideration

Filter on ideas in My Work section

Who would benefit? product managers What impact would it make? make the my work section more clean for ideas How should it work? the ideas are promoted to backlog they should not appear in the idea section anymore.
Guest 9 months ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Comments on Ideas transfer to promoted work item

It would be nice if there was an option during the Idea promotion process to transfer the existing idea comments to the promoted work item that is being created.
Nick Pearson over 1 year ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Unlike JIRA where we have a visual view of the workflow of a capability/Epic/Story, we don’t have that in Aha!.

Who would benefit? Everyone who wants to know the steps in a visual format What impact would it make? Knowing how many steps from "New" till "Done" and what is the current status compared to the whole process in a visual way is very helpful for th...
Guest 9 months ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Add Organization Votes to Automation Rules

We are using organization votes as the catalyst to review ideas for the next gate in our development phase but in the automation rules only the total votes can be used to automate a to-do creation for the idea owner. We would like set a rule that ...
Jerimiah Rudden 9 months ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Feature status drives idea status when promoting to an existing feature

When I promote an idea to a new feature, the status of the idea changes to the first one in the workflow that equates to “in progress”. When I promote an idea the an existing feature, however, the status does not change. I think promoting to an ex...
Tom Beck almost 6 years ago in Ideas 7 Unlikely to implement