In public ideas portal there should be more visibility options.

Specifically in addition to "Not visible in portal", "Visible to employees and partners", "Visible to anyone" I would like to see "Visible to the Creator".  The main reason I need this is that I am defaulting Ideas as "Not visible in portal", and eventually changing most of them to "Visible to employees and partners", but I would like to make customer ideas visible to the customer who created the idea because without that they don't get notifications about the idea.  It seems that since idea notifications are tied to idea visibility that there needs to be more visibility options.

  • Tom McAnnally
  • Nov 8 2017
  • Future consideration
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  • Gavin Jones commented
    November 24, 2017 16:59

    "Visible to creator" would be great!  This further expands the benefits/use-cases of ideas portal to allow them to be used to a broader user set.  Our ideas portal have more senior, responsible personel in them who are more limited in number, but a broad 'end-user' feedback portal would be wonderful, but we would want such feedback initially only visible to the submitter to allow the workflow, collaboration with aha! users, but not seeing other end-user feedback.

  • Laura Giles commented
    19 Feb 21:32

    This is def needed if we are put a submission form on external sites.

  • Laura Giles commented
    26 Jun 18:16

    This is a big pain in several areas:

    1. When portal users are Aha users, their ideas are -by default- not visible in the portal so they keep creating duplicates wondering why they don't appear. I have to have a report to regularly monitor this. 

    2. The visibility name "visible to employees & partners" is extremely confusing when you only have internal users set for 'private' access and using SSO to grant partners & customer all portal access. Really miffs up reporting so that I have to cavet each view for our backend users.


    Please fix both scenarios. 

  • Lisa Stidham commented
    24 Jul 21:58

    Yes please!  Have the same need - customers submitting Zendesk tickets aren't expecting the content of their communication to be made public so can't have it show up on the public portal but would very much like for the Aha! notifications to take over when the Idea is logged or Zendesk ticket is mapped to an existing Idea.

    "Visible to the Creator" would unburden the kind Support team from having to field requests for updates on Ideas.

    Though I think the happiest path for the customer would be for them to see updates within the original Zendesk ticket as the Aha! Idea progresses but not sure how easily that could be achieved.

  • William Nassauer commented
    30 Oct 21:30

    Please do this!  Otherwise the ideas portal is useless for our business.