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Created by Ross Reynolds (External)
Created on Apr 1, 2015

Separate Employee & Client Visibility in the Ideas Portal

When my co-workers submit their product gripes on our internal ideas portal, I want it to be internally visible only by default.

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  • Joe Stensland
    Oct 30, 2015

    Just want to make sure I understand:  

    -All ideas for a product are accessible from all portals including that product

    -Visibility of the ideas in portal is controlled by visibility setting:  All/None/Employee and Partner only

    -Employee and Partner is controlled by the employee partner flag on user profile.

    -All notes and votes created on visibility All ideas are visible to all users.


    While this prevents clients from seeing employee ideas (unless the employee makes visible), there is still the issue where Employees can put dumb notes in on ideas, and vote on ideas, and clients can see it.       I would like to have separate idea votes and notes for employees than from clients, but would like to link ideas between employee and clients where applicable and maybe merge when promoted.      

  • Ross Reynolds (External)
    Apr 2, 2015

    Thanks Danny!  That works perfectly.  I've got it all sorted out and set up the way we want now.  For what it's worth, it was just some user confusion over controlling access with domains vs. users.  Maybe both should be in the same place, but it's not a big deal.  We can close this one out now.  Thanks for the prompt response!


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    Danny Archer
    Apr 1, 2015

    Hi Ross,

    Ideas are tied to a product so even if you have multiple portals they still share the same pool of submitted ideas tied to that product.

    What you need to do to accomplish what you are looking for is not set your customers as employee/partners - you need to set them as normal users in your private portal. You can import ideas users through Settings -> Product -> Import from CSV so if you have a list of customers you want on your private portal you would want to import them that way.

    Then you would have Aha! users, employee/partner users and then normal users and the permission system would work as intended.

  • Ross Reynolds (External)
    Apr 1, 2015

    Thanks Chris.  Actually, I just re-tested it, and I don't think this is a duplicate.  Here's how this currently works:  

    I can create a Private Portal and restrict it to domains for Employees/Partners.  On this one, I restrict it to employees on  

    I can create another Private Portal and restrict it to customer domains:,, etc.

    Anything I submit on either of the two Private portals is viewable to all members of both portals, even if I only allowed the customer domains on one.

    I can create a Public Portal where no private ideas are viewable.  The problem with this is that anyone, including my competitors and my client's competitors can register there.  This is not feasible for us. 


    What we need is this:  We have to restrict the Client portal to clients only or our clients can't use it.  We have to restrict clients from viewing employee ideas.  If you could restrict the Public Portal by domain too (and therefore the visibility into private ideas), I think that would solve the problem.  

    Do you follow this, and am I missing something?  

  • Admin
    Chris Waters
    Apr 1, 2015

    This is what the "Employee/Partner" flag for portal users is all about. If you set a user as an "Employee/Partner" then their idea submissions will be visible only to other employees by default. So users who are not employees will not be able to see this ideas in a public forum.

    Note that this only applies to ideas themselves. All public comments on ideas will be public - and visible to anyone.

  • Ross Reynolds (External)
    Apr 1, 2015

    When my co-workers submit their product gripes on our internal ideas portal, I want it to be internally visible only by default.

    Right now, anything submitted on my internal portal is also visible on the external portal.  It’s either Product Team (Aha Users), OR Product Team + (Employees AND Clients) OR Public.  There needs to be an option for Employees Only.