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Created on Nov 6, 2017

Disable auto-assignment of To-Dos

We don't find it useful that Aha! automatically assigns a To-do to the person creating the To-do because we often create To-dos during a team meeting and the person creating the To-do is not the person it is assigned to.

If we assign To-dos, we do so later on and so it is common that we want To-dos to have no owner at the time we create them.

Therefore, we'd prefer that we be able to change the default behavior such that a To-do is unassigned by default when it is created.

    May 10, 2021

    We have implemented two improvements for creating to-dos with no assignee:

    1. When creating a new to-do, if the assigned to list is empty it will stay empty. Previously if there was not assignee then the to-do would be auto-assigned to the creator.

    2. An Assign to me button has been added to the Assigned to field on to-dos so you can assign to-dos to yourself with a single click.

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  • Frank Fuchs
    Nov 12, 2020

    Disable auto To-Do assignments when applying a release template.

    As the Aha admin for a large group of products I design and apply release templates to various release. These release templates require updating to comply with evolving corporate policy. My templates are complex and have several release phases and 10-20 to-dos under those phases.

    When I apply a template to the release all the to-dos in all the phases are assign to me. That was not my intent. They should remain unassigned until curated by the product owner.

  • Frank Fuchs
    Nov 4, 2020

    This is a product inconsistency pure and simple, Please correct.

    When I create a Goals, Initiatives or Features, the “Assigned to:” field is blank. When I cursor over the field a button appears “Assign to me”. This button appears when ever there is no assignment.

    This gives me the ability to brainstorm on goals, initiatives and features, and not think about who or if I should be responsible yet. I can come back later and assign the item to myself very quickly with the “Assign to me” button.

    In comparison, when I create a to-do under a feature. There is a blank “Assigned to:” field with a “Assign to me” link next to it.

    Again, I want to brainstorm and think of the to-do list without regard to people assignments, and I type in Titles and then Enter to get to the next blank to-do item. I can quickly create 10 to-dos this way.

    When I look back at my to-do list, I notice all the to-dos are assigned to me. WHY? I left it back and did not click on the “Assign to me” link. This happens even if the parent feature is not assigned to me?

    Now to remove the assignment, I need to click on the to-do and then click on the “x” next to my name to remove the assignment. This is a waste of my time.

    Furthermore, when I am ready to assign an unassigned to-do to myself, there is no “assign to me” link. There is only an “Add assignee” link. Now I need to click on it, type my partial name and select. Why is there no “Assign to me” link? WHY? This is an additional waste of time.

    Please change the behavior of To-Dos so it acts consistent to Goals, Initiatives or Features which is very quick and make intuitive sense.

  • Guest
    Sep 4, 2019

    Here's my user story for this ask:

    As a product team member with either PO, Contributor, Reviewer or Viewer access to a product, I want the to-dos I create to NOT be automatically assigned to me as a personal To-Do, so that we as a team can meet later and assign the work appropriately.

    Ready to test when ready! :)

  • Guest
    May 10, 2019

    I've been using To Do's on the Marketing Workspaces and when I plan "to do's" there, 99% of the time, they are not mine.  And every time I update one, it re-assigns it to me; regardless of who owned it previously.  By having to remove myself as the owner each time, it effectively makes the "to do's" useless.  I forget and then I get spammed.  This really needs to default to no one.  For the marketing side, I'm seldom assigning everything to me.  

  • Guest
    Nov 9, 2017

    Thanks for the response.  We tried this work-around but ran into a few issues that for us made it a non-workaround.

    1. We often create many milestones (and often many at once.  Having to un-click the assigned user each time becomes tedious quickly
    2. (More importantly) every time a milestone with no assignee gets updated, it automatically assigns it to the individual making the update.  Therefore you have to constantly re-un-assign the to-do again and again with each update.

    I appreciate most people just assign their to-dos and we may be in the minority so I can understand if you have more valuable customer needs to solve.  Thanks for considering it.


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