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Status Future consideration
Categories To-dos
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 11, 2022

Dependencies in to-dos / Related to-dos / disabled to-dos based on conditions

We want to create a list of to-dos where each to-do only would being active after previous to-do is marked as completed by all assigned people. That would allow to create multiple to-dos at once without irritating people by assigning to-dos they cannot start to work on yet, because someone else hasn't done their part. It also mitigates the issue of forgetting to create the next to-do when someone has finished theirs (which happens currently and is the reason we ask for this).

This would mean, a to-do could have a new "disabled" status or some sort of "planned assignee". Additionally, a dependency to another to-do (or even multiple?) could be in place, so that the "planned assignee" is only assigned, when the related to-do, which blocks this one, is done. This could even go further to have some logic for the due date ("14 days after blocking to-do is completed").

These "inactive" / "disabled" to-dos would be somewhere in "My work - to-dos" but in a separate section to make it clear, that these are nothing to really care about for now.

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