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Created by Danette Colin
Created on Oct 19, 2017

Allow ability to mark a "To-Do" as "Unassigned" instead of defaulting to the user who wrote the Feature Card

As the Project Mgr for my Dev team, I oftentimes am the one driving the planning sessions and writing the Feature cards. Currently, any To-Dos written on a Feature Card are assigned to me automatically since I'm the one writing the card/to-do. I would like a way to make the To-Dos either auto-create as "unassigned" or at the very least allow me to update my name to "unassigned." Oftentimes we don't know who's going to work on the Feature card, so any To-Dos in the card wouldn't be assigned until the card is assigned.

If I don't have this ability, my "My Work" list is completely unusable for me because it houses pages and pages of to-dos that haven't yet been assigned a Developer (see attached for example).

    Oct 20, 2017

    Thank you for your idea. If no assignees are added while creating a to-do, it will be automatically assigned to the user who created the to-do. It is currently possible to remove all assignees from a to-do. You can do this after the to-do has been created by clicking the X next to any assignees.

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  • Frank Fuchs
    Nov 18, 2020

    BTW. That Admin response is so Obtuse. Hey Admin why not try going into 50 separate to dos and un-assigning them. Then tell me that is acceptable. Furthermore when you first create the todo you have the chance of Xing out before you save it. Guess what, it IGNORES you and assigns it to you anyway. Oh and I have tried to list the To DOs and unassigned them in bulk, NOPE that fails too. TO DO assignment is the Achilles heal of AHA Somewhere some one messed-up big time. But enough complaining.

    To the originator of this Idea:
    My work around is to create a dummy account name Unassigned.
    As I create my work I assign them to unassigned.
    Compared to the 4 steps to: save, go back in, X out, and save again
    This requires: assign to unassigned, type in "unass", save only 3 steps, so more efficient.

    In fact if you create the your dummy account as 1-Unassigned it will be at the top of the Assignment name list and click on the name instead of typing the beginning of "unass" to select it. That saves an extra step.

    I have been working this for a couple of days now and it seems to work, just a new habit to form.

  • Frank Fuchs
    Nov 4, 2020

    Yes I agree. this is a product inconsistency. Please vote here: