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Created by Austin Merritt
Created on Feb 28, 2020

Dynamic assignee options when creating a to-do using automation

Using automation to create to-dos is a great way to drive consistency with processes. However currently when setting up an automation rule to create a to-do, you must select specific assignees.

It would be great to be able to set the assignee of the to-do based off some other field.

Some examples:

  • The assignee of the record the to-do is created on

  • A custom user field on the record the to-do is created on

    Apr 24, 2020

    Just launched — A single automation rule can now assign users dynamically

    When you assign a user with an automation rule, there is a new option available. You can now select 'the same as' and then choose a user field to copy from.

    For example, create a to-do for 'Designs' and for the assignee, choose 'the same as' the 'Designer' field. This will assign a to-do to the person that you have designated as the designer for the feature.

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