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Status Future consideration
Created by Suzanne Vaughan
Created on Oct 16, 2014

Feature reporting to determine how long a feature is in each "phase" i.e. Idea to backlog to shipped

We would like to track how long each feature is within each stage of the customer workflow. For example Feature A took 30 days in Backlog, 20 days in Concepting, 5 Days in Development and 10 days in Ready to Ship.

In future we want to attach money to features so an example:

Feature A will bring $1M per month 
Feature B will bring $2M per month

If we are able to calculate how much time it takes from going from Concept to Production we can easily know how much money we are losing.

We can as well see where our bottle necks are and start to act on it.

As 3m video that explain everything:

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