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Status Future consideration
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Created on Jan 2, 2015

Helpful Insights / Reporting

We would like to be able to extract some insights from our Aha data.  For each release:

  • How many points over capacity are we?
  • After the first sprint in a 2-sprint release is completed, are we half way done with story points?
  • How many features do we have estimated at the feature/epic level (more risky) vs. at the groomed requirements/user story level (less risk, more confidence)
  • For those features estimated at the feature level, how many requirements/user stories do we have unestimated (and not included in capacity)?
  • We have a few time-boxed features - basically, a PM is working with one of the teams to get as much as possible done.  For these features, how do the groomed requirement story points compare to the time-boxed amount (feature level estimate)

And we'd like to be able to compare these over time, and cross releases.

  • For example, if we look at our last 3 releases, do we average 45% completion rate at the end of the first sprint in a two sprint release?  or 65%?
    In other words, if our current release is 40% at the halfway point, do we panic?  or is that normal?
  • For a given feature, do the feature level estimates end up being XX% lower than the more detailed requirement estimates?

We're capturing some of these statistics manually, storing them in a spreadsheet, and comparing them over time.  Very labor intensive.

And identifying whether a feature is estimated at the feature or requirements level is also manual.  If there's any way to automate that, that would be great!

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