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Status Future consideration
Categories Capacity planning
Created by Mikko Kylmälä
Created on Feb 22, 2024

Make possible to add custom limits for user in capacity planning (how many hours/day and how many days of week is used to calculate capacity)

Who would benefit?

Helps to estimate capacity with right level

What impact would it make?

To have more realistic capacity since developers are not doing work full 8h / day

How should it work?

Now we have estimations as days or hours but developers don't do work full 8 h / day and some are not doing full 5 days in week.

For capacity planning it would help a lot to have user level setting that how many percent of hours of day is used of capacity planning -> ex if now capacity is calculated with 8h/day and setting would be 50% the actual capacity of this user would be 4h/day.

At same time there should be setting that this user capacity planning should be used 3days/week so 2 days should be left outside of capacity planning.

This would help us to use capacity planning and have more detailed understanding of capacity that we have to develop something and where we have bottlenecks...

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