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Created by Robert Bredin
Created on Jan 6, 2020

Parallel capacity planning and resource based capacity threshold

The capacity planning is a great addition for the majority of our teams. However, we have one team that is vital to our planning that is not able to work items sequentially. We have migrated their manual process of tracking capacity for task for their team from an Excel workbook to an Aha! Workspace. Moving to Aha where the rest of our departments organize their work allows us to see the full picture of the company tasks an road map. 


Since we are a smaller company we have to prioritize and assign multiple Engineering tasks in this workspace to individuals across a period of time. We need the ability to have a start and end date for a task (feature) and assign the hours across each day of that period. This will allow us assign multiple tasks concurrently and see their correct capacity level at day/week/month level. Because capacity is only calculated sequentially today we are not able to get an accurate representation of a team members capacity for this team. Along with the ability to assign task hours across a period of time we would also need the ability to set a resources capacity level. We may have a resource that is only able to devote 20 hours per week on the tasks. It would be great to be able to see if they are at full capacity based on an individually set capacity threshold.


Example of a task:
Resource A has a task with a start date of 1/1 and end date of 1/5 (5 days) The task is only 15 hours.

Example of what they are hoping to see from a Capacity standpoint:
The manager is trying to see that 3 hours per day of the resources time is allocated to this task rather than the first 15 hrs of the week.

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    May 1, 2020

    The 'spreading' is also a requirement for us when planning at Initiative level. So the Team hours estimated should be spread over the initiative timeline so we can see the capacity for each Team over time.