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Status Future consideration
Categories Capacity planning
Created by Dale Potter
Created on Oct 5, 2022

Capacity planning: calculate the happy/optimal path for me based on a set of criteria

The improvements to capacity planning are making it much easier to do team and individual capacity planning. I would love to see an end state where I can provide a set of information on a record and have Aha! calculate the optimal plan for me. The data I would want to capture on my records would be:

  • Priority

  • Total effort estimate per team that will work on it

  • Due date

  • Should work be completed in series or parallel

With this information, the tool could (theoretically) work out when all the work should start/stop and avoid conflicts (as far as possible) to provide the optimal path.

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  • Ben Bulow
    Mar 4, 2024


    Further to the above, one key feature that needs to be able to be addressed as part of this capacity plan is the ability to mark activities/projects, etc as on the critical path.

    For example, if I have projects A, B and C, and I know that the deadline of project B cannot be moved (for whatever reason), the planning should take this into account (perhaps also looking at prioritisation of items if there is a conflict - ie: If projects B and C both need to be completed and there is limited capacity, then if project B has a higher priority than C, then this work would be given more (or all) of the available capacity assigned to it).

    My key requirement is effectively "given a schedule of work, can I calculate what my plan would look like without having to manually adjust start/end dates, constrained by specific parameters". At the moment, if an activity is not completed by the due date, it no longer contributes to capacity planning, which is not how many businesses work.

    I would suggest that there be a review stage to 'confirm' the plan rather than just clicking a button and updating everything, in case a user needs to make tweaks/changes to the suggested plan.

    Thanks in advance