Show all the time tracking values on feature and unify time tracking/progress bars

Dear aha, 


    I would like to propose showing all of the time tracking attributes on the features when tracking is turned on - Original estimate, Remaining work, Work done.

Right now, with or without time tracking bar depending on new progress bar enabled/disabled configuration of product, the attribute shown is either estimate or remaining work.


I think it would be great if all three attributes would be shown always

- disregarding whether there is some time logged on feature/requirement level or not

- disregarding the setup of estimation basis (either feature or requirements).

- disregarding whether progress bar is enabled or disabled on the product


As for the bars, I would propose to unify them into progress bar that might be set by product config to work in one or four available options (manually, calculate from - 3 versions). IMHO the only thing needed is to play a bit with graphical representation so that when the progress bar is calculated from remaining effort (which actually means from work done and remaining effort), it would be graphically closer to original time tracking bar.

  • Daniel Pokrývka
  • Aug 30 2019
  • Future consideration
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