Add clickable "breadcrumb" showing parent folders when viewing a report

We create multiple saved reports for each release and keep them organized in folders with the name of the release. Despite the folder organization, many of our product owners are constantly asking me to send them direct links to reports because they don't know how to navigate to it in Aha, and don't always even remember that the folders exist. 

Even as a user who knows the navigation well, it frustrates me that it takes a lot of tedious steps to get from viewing one saved report to viewing one of the other saved reports in the same folder. 

That's why I think it would be extremely helpful to show a "breadcrumb" above reports. With a breadcrumb, I would expect to be able to click on the parent folder in the breadcrumb to navigate directly to that folder. With this small feature, users would much more easily learn where the reports are stored so they can find them later, and all users would be able to navigate between saved reports much more easily. 

  • Tessa Adair
  • Jun 12 2019
  • Future consideration
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