View reports in two clicks

As an Aha! user, I would like to view a report in two clicks.  This could be possible if Favorites was the default view instead of All -- I've already declared them to be my favorites -- and if the report opened when the tile is clicked.  That would be a beautiful thing.

Currently, to open a report that I have marked as a favorite, I have to click four times.  I'd love to reduce it to two clicks: once to click Reports and once for the report itself.  While it's important to be able to access the meta data for editing, I don't want or need to see the meta data about the report every time I use it.    

  • Tom Beck
  • Aug 3 2017
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    Austin Merritt commented
    August 9, 2017 15:00

    Tom, thanks for the idea. One quick tip, the reports dashboard allows right clicking. When you right click on a report, you will see the option to open the report in a new tab. This doesn't necessarily reduce the number of clicks but it does streamline the flow a bit. I'll leave this open, as the default to favorites would help to further streamline things. Thanks!

  • Dave Tucker commented
    November 15, 2017 21:56

    Good suggestion. My idea would be to add “Favourites” to the quick click main report icon under the Dashboard > Overview. 2 clicks and you go straight to the list of favourite reports