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Created on Mar 22, 2018

It would be helpful to have a short-cut on the Report menu to the report folder structure

We have various report folders and reports. When I try to direct a user to a particular report I have to be very specific or they can't get to the folder structure. I tell them click on Reports (don't hover over it, physically click on the word Reports), then got to xyz folder and abc report. Every.single.time...the user looks at me with a funny look and they hover on the word Reports and then they are looking for the folder I've directed them too. I repeat, click on the word Reports, then they do that and say "ooohhh!....that's weird".

It would really be helpful to have a link or something simple that allows people to get to the folder structure from the Reports menu. If I'm missing a way to do this, happy to have the direction. But if it's there none of us are seeing it.

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    Chris Waters
    Mar 22, 2018

    It may help your directions if you tell people when the hover of the "Reports" menu to click on the "Dashboard -> Overview" item. That will also show the folders.