Ability to log different types of effort

We love being able to track our development time and I find that data so powerful, from helping to plan for our product releases and to refine our grooming processes.  I have charts/tables to analyze things like: how much development effort was spent vs how much we estimated, how much development work we're spending on new features vs bug fixes, where (on what features) development effort was spent each day, etc.

As a small company, we also track time spent for payroll purposes but for that, we need to track not only development time but other types of work like: design time, product time, etc.  But, we currently can't track those in the current Aha time logging setup because we need to be able to analyze the development effort for projection purposes.

I'd love to be able to somehow track different types of effort.  This would allow us to better analyze the efficiencies/inefficiencies of each part of the process and keep all of our tracking in Aha.

Scott showed me a way that I could track totals in one way by using a custom field with a scorecard but unfortunately, that doesn't capture a few of the key things we'd want: original estimate, user who added work, and date that work was done.

Maybe time tracking could be an option as a custom field?

  • Emily Slattery
  • Aug 4 2016
  • Likely to implement
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