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Status Future consideration
Categories Releases
Created by Jason Gillmore
Created on Jan 12, 2023

Ability to apply a custom scorecard to 'Product value' in Aha! Develop

We would like to be able to create and apply custom product value scorecards onto the 'Product value' field in Aha! Develop for work (features) that originates in Develop (the engineering work). Currently this is not configurable and all our Develop teams are using the default Impact/Effort scoring and any changes to this scorecard would impact all our Develop teams. We had wanted to apply a similar scorecard to the engineering work as we have on the work that originates from the product (Roadmaps) area for one Dev Team without impacting all the other Dev Teams. A custom scorecard field could be used instead but this does not allow us to rerank the backlogs by score, as in order for that to work it apparently only works with the 'Product value' field. An alternate solution could be to make it so that a backlog could be reranked using a custom scorecard field.

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