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Created by Nicola Hills
Created on Jun 11, 2015

Keep Feature time logging and estimates separate values when shipping

At the moment when you moved a feature to shipped then the time recording changes to be the same as the estimate. So for example if I estimated 3 days, actually only took and recorded 2 days when I ship the feature the time taken changes to 3 days automatically even though I never did that additional day. This means that once the product has shipped I have no way of comparing the estimated vs actual time a feature took, which is a very valuable information in proving estimating and planning.

I appreciate that for some they may want the time logged to just reflect the estimate if they don't wish to log time taken, but at the point that today you move it to shipped you could ask do you want the time taken updated to match the estimate yes or no. to keep it simple but optional.

    Mar 18, 2016

    Feature logging and estimates currently are kept as separate values when shipping.

    When logging time, there is the option to indicate whether the Remaining estimate should be updated automatically, or whether it should be set to a specific number (such as 0, in the case where all work has been completed). 

    By specifying the remaining estimate, this will prevent the remaining estimate from automatically updating to equal the original estimate, when shipping. 

    This will allow you to compare logged effort vs. the original estimate.

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  • Admin
    Chris Waters
    Mar 21, 2016

    If you choose the "Set to" radio button and enter the amount of time that is remaining for the feature then this is what Aha! will save. So in your screenshot, if you entered 2p for "Work done" and 0p for "Remaining estimate set to" then no additional work will be recorded when the feature is shipped.

  • Nicola Hills
    Mar 21, 2016

    So I don't understand this, when I log time I can indeed select (as per snapshot below) that I can set the 'remaining estimate' (which it is not, it is not "remaining" that is a misleading, it is the original estimate) to say the same as the original estimate (e.g. 3p), I can do this as many times as I record time and yet when I shipped the user story then it sets the estimate to zero regardless of what I did when recording time, it does not retain this, is there some other option I am missing at a higher level?

  • Christopher Davies
    Feb 22, 2016

    This is confusing. Shipping a product seems to generate time spent that never occurred. This makes it very hard to see what work has been done. More over, this time is logged to the person who completes the story.

    So if we have a 4 day story that is in development for a day and testing for a day. We get an extra 2 days added to the person who moved the story to Ready to Ship.

    It would be best to be able to not have this value set at all. If it cannot be changed due to coding constraints, can we specify the user that this time will be associated with so we can spot this fake time and discount it when we build up reports using the API.