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Status Future consideration
Categories Capacity planning
Created by Chris Quigley
Created on May 28, 2024

Update feature dates based on changes to remaining estimate

What is the challenge?


You have entered a detailed estimate and started logging work.

You realize that there is a lot more work to do, so you update the remaining estimate to reflect the additional time required to complete it.

Currently, when you make this change the dates need to be manually adjusted to reflect the additional effort.

What is the impact?

Manually adjusting the dates separately to the estimate can be very time consuming. Especially, when you are updating a large number of records and when the change has a knock on impact on associated work. -- For example you may need to update the feature and it's parent epic, release and initiative.

Describe your idea

In this instance it would be great to have the due date of the feature update automatically based on the amount of additional time logged in the remaining estimate.

The date change should then propagate up to any parent records where their dates are dependent on the feature.

*This could be an optional workspace/record setting.

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