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Categories Application Strategy
Created by Todd Meyer
Created on Feb 12, 2020

Put the current product at the top of every Initiatives and Goals pick list to save users lots of time

Currently, when you open the initiatives picker, it just shows all initiatives grouped by workspace, with those workspaces being in alphabetical order.

This is a a hassle because I would almost always want to link to an initiative within the workspace I'm in, or in workspaces higher in the hierarchy (division/company level, etc)

On top of that, with releases after you select a single initiative it jumps you back up to the top again, forcing you to scroll (or search) again to find the initiatives

Selecting initiatives for a release, much scrolling is required:

You can type to search, but I would argue most people would not have all of their current initiative names committed to memory.

Suggested change:

  • Put the initiatives/goals for the workspace in which the record lives at the top of the initiatives/goals pick list so they are easily accessible. The rest can just be in alphabetical order.

  • More complex but maybe better version - after the current workspace at the top, list the rest in reverse hierarchy order until the top of the hierarchy, then alphabetically after that.

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  • Donald Hebert
    Aug 1, 2023

    Agreed with everything above. From release record, for both initiatives and goals, selection list should be sorted by current workspace first, then hierarchically as that's the way we setup our workspaces and product lines. It's also the way Aha! recommends setting them up, so odd that this is not by default.

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