Filter initiatives roadmap by goals and releases

(Yes, this is a quick!)  The new initiative roadmap view is terrific.  As I'm entering our initiatives there are a lot.  For each PM, they really own one or more Goals (We are calling them themes, its a work stream).  It would be super helpful if we could filter the viewable list by Goal.  Release would also be nice, but goal is more important.  With the current pick list, a PM can create a saved view, but they must sort through 60+ initiatives to find the ones they own.  It's a pain and really easy to miss one.

The report view does allow this filtering, but then we lose the drag and drop for easy what-if planning.

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  • Sep 22 2015
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    October 01, 2015 18:56

    As I work more with initiatives, we now have >100 so, to be useful, there really needs to be a more general filter, such as on the report view so we can select CUSTOM FIELDS.  this will really help PM's to find only their own initiatives.