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Status Future consideration
Categories Application
Created by Shay Sagzan
Created on Apr 8, 2024

Show links from relationship custom fields

What is the challenge?

We need an easy view of which features, ideas, etc. have been linked to a relationship custom field. For example, if I use an organizations custom field on an idea, I can see the list of organizations and select them. But when I view the organization's record, it will not show the idea. The same is true when linking a feature to a persona with a persona custom field on the feature.

Today I need to run reports to see this information.

What is the impact?

Save time and allow more people to see the record links without being a reports expert.

Describe your idea

This applies to each of the relationship custom fields. It would be helpful to either:

  • Have the fields establish a true record link that then shows on the Related tab

  • Make it clear when configuring that these relationship custom fields will not establish a link

  • Attach files