Custom Fields: Automatically linking the values of one field to be published in the linked field

I have created a custom field in features which links to persona’s. I am able to add the relevant persona’s for the product. The drop down shows the correct products to choose from. Similarly, I have created a custom field in persona’s linked to features. I was hoping that the features I have linked will automatically populate in the associated ‘features’ custom field for persona’s given that I have told it to link to features. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear this wizardry has been factored into your software just yet.  

There is a need for Product Managers to be able to understand which Features, Master Features, Ideas, Initiatives and Releases are relevant to a Persona without having to duplicate the effort. In other words, if you update the custom field in the persona, it updates the relevant linked item. So, if I update the persona with an additional feature from the drop-down list available, when someone views the feature, they will be able to see the persona appear in the “Persona” custom field. Similarly, if a user adds a persona to the feature, when someone then views the persona, the linked custom field publishes the newly added feature to the list of features associated with that persona.  

All of this assumes the relevant layouts have been updated and field are not hidden in persona’s, which I have tested but it appears this logic does not work out. Being able to add some logic which checks for existing values in the association and displaying accordingly would be a huge benefit and remove the unwanted need for duplication. At this stage, even if I had multiple custom fields linked to “feature” (for example) then both custom fields will show the same information. The result should be just adding some application logic to enable the information to be displayed.

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  • Oct 23 2017
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  • Dingeman Knaap commented
    November 14, 2017 08:39

    This is what I need! I'm quite amazed this is not in Aha at the moment