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Status Shipped
Categories Ideas portal
Created by Nigel Lawrence
Created on Oct 11, 2021
Merged idea
This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit A-I-11026 Set Idea visibility to both creator and internal users .

Provide portal visibility that is 'creator + internal users' Merged

I observe that Aha has a variety of portal visibility options for its ideas, but a use case we find crucially important is not possible today.

We were recently surprised to see that there is no way to make an idea visible to the creator and a defined set of internal users (say,* if the creator is an external user, with out making the idea visible to all.

In our enterprise we have many situations where we'd like the idea to be visible to creator and our employees without opening up to the world - some customers might not want to disclose ideas they have for competitive reasons, similarly we have certain products that want to solicit ideas without disclosing publicly.
We really don't want to have to add all internal parties to be aha users as the current Aha behaviour would demand and see additional value in our employees being able to see the an ideas in the same perspective a customer would.

I note that this idea has elements of other ideas - namely: and which in various parts of their commentary are asking for what I believe is the same thing. In both cases those ideas have been marked as shipped, which is why I've created a fresh idea.