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Categories User management
Created by Adam D
Created on Jul 2, 2021

User management between Aha and Aha Ideas is terrible and confusing- please make it more straightforward and intuitive.

Even when I set the domain for my company under "Users with these email addresses are allowed to register for access to a private portal. They can also view ideas that have visibility set to "Visible to internal users."" it does not apply that permission to users who login with the specified domain email, including if they are ALSO explicitly already created as an "Aha User" -- the only way I've been able to consistently get this to work is to manually add them as a "portal user". And when I do this, there is still sometimes issues where they get logged in as an "aha user" and not a "portal user" so I still have the same visibility problem for our internal idea boards and then have to manually change visibility and manually change the idea creator from their aha user to their portal user.

As an admin user, I'd like to set my main company domain so that users from my company can login and be created as an internal user.


If I create users as Aha users at my organization they should automatically treated as an internal user on the idea board.

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  • Admin
    Kelly Sebes
    Jul 2, 2021

    Thank you for reaching out. The behavior you are asking for makes sense and is how it is intended to work today.

    • Setting the 'internal user' field to your company email domain will create those new portal users as internal users.

    • Also all Aha! users can view ideas in the portal which are set to 'visible to internal users'.

    I am going to follow up with our customer success team and ask them to help troubleshoot what may be happening in your case.