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Created on Dec 14, 2015

delegate idea portal administration

In our organization, we have delegated users who are responsible for assisting in setting up users in our idea portals.  Today, in Aha, that requires the user be a full administrator able to manage product lines, billing, etc.  It would be very useful to be able to designate an Idea Portal administrator who had escalated privilege in an Idea Portal (specifically in our use case the ability to create users) without having full administrative access to Aha as a whole.

    Jan 29, 2016

    We currently have a wide variety of roles and permissions and have spent ample time with customers to reach this model. Admins have the highest level of account actions and are able to set up account level administrative actions which relate to many products or the account as a whole. The Idea portal is a place which can relate to many products and we've set up these permissions at the Admin level.

    At this time, based on current priorities and community feedback, we are unlikely to make changes in this area. We hope you can understand.

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  • Andrew Badge
    Nov 6, 2016


    We need this desperately. Our Ideas portal management is done by staff who don't (and shouldn't have) administrative access to the AHA. To make things worst this, the administration is done via a parent company.

    Hence to get users invited to the Ideas portal we have to request from a separate company (via a JIRA ticket) for them to invite our users. This is a nightmare.

    We have access to admin our product lines but they're a sub of the parent company. 

    Having Delegated Admin for the Ideas portal (or a separate permission) would save use a huge amount of time to the point the CEO wants us to use a separate product rather than AHA. Ironically a separate product gives us better integration and less work in the current situation.

    Please reconsider!