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Created by Dale Potter
Created on Apr 25, 2023

Portal users provisioned by Salesforce can be linked with Aha! user accounts using email address


  • Sales team capture new ideas in Salesforce. When they do this, a portal user is provisioned in the “Salesforce ideas portal” using their name and email address.

  • The sales team also have Aha! user accounts, provisioned through SSO using their name and email address, to enable them to view and create reports.

These two user accounts are considered completely separate in Aha! but are in fact the same person. There is also no way to avoid this scenario.

Salesforce users are selecting ideas in Salesforce and are directed to the Aha! ideas portal, logged in with their portal user account provisioned by Salesforce. They want to select “View in Aha!” so they can see all other details linked to the idea, but the “view in Aha!” option is not there. The issue is that they’re logged in to the ideas portal with their portal user account (which can't see that option), not their Aha! user account (which can see that option).

Ideally, Aha! should recognize that these two user accounts are the same person and provide the same access to both users.

    Mar 21, 2024

    Good news! Now Salesforce users can use the integration as their Aha! user. To enable this make sure your portal SSO configuration has the setting checked for "Allow Aha! users to log in." If you have any duplicate users to clean up, there is more good news here.

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  • Ed Horn
    Aug 21, 2023

    This is a great idea. As a product manager in my organization, I live between Salesforce (where our community engagement portal exists) and Aha!. I would love to be able to seamlessly engage with my users from either interface and be correctly identified by Aha! regardless of my entry point.

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