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Status Future consideration
Categories User management
Created by Mark Slykhouse
Created on Nov 15, 2023

Allow Aha! users to be automatically recognized through Ideas Portals with SSO.

Who would benefit?

Aha! users with SSO for Ideas Portal - Typically Roadmaps Enterprise/Enterprise+ Customers

What impact would it make?

Align Aha! users to a common experience regardless of the SSO setup within Idea Portals. Today, I see a different user profile of submitted ideas, votes, etc when I login with my e-mail address via Aha! link to the ideas portal versus the direct URL which is setup via our customers platform SSO (Same e-mail).

I do not have the prompt for login setup on the SSO configuration as I don't want our external customers who use the platform SSO to experience an additional user-prompt when clicking through to the ideas portal from our customer platform.

How should it work?

When a user logs into the ideas portal, it should first look at whether that user has an existing Aha! user account for that customer setup. If it does, it should default to that user profile. If not, it should use the configured SSO to authenticate.

The e-mail is the same, the only difference is where the token comes from - currently creates separate users in the portal.

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